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About The Car:   (How it all started)

Well the original car is a 1997 Mercedes-Benz SL320 Convertible, Modified to what you see today. I bought the car in 2000 and never had any intentions on creating a custom car. Then one day I decided to have the car painted because it had chips and scratches here and there. I brought to a body shop in Hollywood FL. owned by Edward Glines who was recommended as one of the best Mercedes Paint Shops in the area.

I made my deal with the shop and left the car. The shop owner called me one day and asked if I would be interested in adding 2 small hood scoopes to the hood that he had in the shop. I went to the shop to look at his suggestion, while there he mentioned to me that he can do anything I want to do on the car... BINGO !! that was all it took and my mind went nuts..

I started asking: Lambo Doors? he said Yes..... Custom Bumpers? he said Yes.... and so on and so on.... Till we had close to what you see today. He did a lot of work on the car but in the end it turned out that I ended up re-doing most of the work either with the shop or on my own because I just have to have things done the way I like.... So over the last year and a half I have just about redone everything on the car. It's a long story but that is pretty much what ended up happening.

So now the car was "almost" done yet I keep finding more and more things that I want to do to the car... I started to take the car to the local car shows and I can't tell you how nice it is to see everyone come over to see the car each week we go there. I eventually took the car to the Miami HIN show and won 1st place for "hottest Mercedes" but I didn't win "Best Of Show". That made me think and think... I want a "Best Of Show".... so now I take the car to 7 different shops from Lake Worth Florida down to South Miami for estimates on work... I get some ideas from these shop owners but mostly I stick with what I want. I try to keep the work exactly the same from shop to shop so they all have the same chance to win the bid to do the work.

I must tell you it was not about price at all, for me it was about finding the shop/people that I thought would work the hardest, do the best work and go above and beyond... So the shop I found is in Miami, they did a lot of the work side by side with me, I insisted that the shop that wins the contract for my car has to add me to their insurance and make sure I am allowed to work on my car completely with them 100% of the way. This particular shop I found promised just that. I will not mention the shops name as they ended up not keeping their promises to me and I ended up finishing the car on my own. I eventually removed myself and my car of course from this shop and decided to open a shop of my own. I found one of South Florida's very talented guys, Mike Ledda, and proposed a deal. We now own Daleo Concepts, Inc. and the car is almost completed. There are still minor things to be done and some small improvements here and there, but we are very close. Please check out the gallery pictures.