Respectfully Submitted:            Joseph Daleo, Team/Car Owner

Gaining popularity in publications and on the show circuit!


Personal Note:


Thank You for taking the time to review this document, I have prepared this portfolio for your review. Enclosed you will find information on myself, the team and the Custom SL.


I am currently offering opportunities for sponsorship with our Custom SL for the 2008/2009 Car Show season and beyond. My team and I have several ideas on sponsorships, and would like to discuss them with you personally. If you have ideas of your own, which you are interested in incorporating, please let me know.


I hope to promote a mutually beneficial relationship and one that is profitable for our sponsors. I have several avenues which we plan to take our sponsors’ promotion. Please be sure to review the services we will offer to you, as a supporter of the Custom SL Team.


Again, allow me personally to thank you for your time. Please feel free to contact me if

you have any questions, suggestions or request.





Joseph Daleo

6421 NW 42nd Court

Coral Springs, FL 33067

Phone#         (954) 227-9262

Cell #             (954) 205-3067




Joe Daleo collecting 2 First Places !








·       Car And Model Magazine / Website

·       DUB Magazine ( Cover Story Coming when car is completed)

·       RIDES Magazine ( *Exclusive Cover Story Coming when car is completed)

·       RoadRage Magazine

·       HIN (Hot Import Nights) website

· Website Feature Story






Mad Creations Car show and contest.jpg

Picture 137.jpg

Team Shirts with Sponsor List !

Picture 214.jpg


The car gets picked up in publications all the time !

Team members always wear Team shirts with Sponsor and Logo

Custom Glass Etching with Mercedes-Benz Logo space available!


An Actual Letter from RIDES Magazine Senior Editor !!




In Only 3 Shows!

Before we began the new custom work we only entered in 3 shows and won in all 3!






HIN Miami 2007:

– First Place Hottest Mercedes-Benz

– First Place Hottest VIP Mercedes-Benz




Festival Show:

– First Place Mercedes-Benz




First Annual Fathers Day Show:
– Best Of Show

– First Place Mercedes-Benz
– First Place European Car

Picture 065.jpg





As stated above, the car has only been entered into 3 shows before I decided to re-do the entire car. We took 1st place in all 3 shows and 1 best of show as well. I expect the car to take many 1st place trophies and our goal is to keep the car on the top of the list for all “Best Of Show” as well.




2008/2009 Show Schedule



Currently the car is at MAD CREATIONS OF MIAMI with a scheduled completion date of September 15th, 2008.  Once the car is completed we plan on being at a local show each and every weekend possible as well as the planned list of shows below. We are looking for sponsorship for a fully enclosed low rider trailer which will allow us to travel the USA for more shows.
We are especially interested in being at ALL DUB and HIN shows.



(*Show list assumes some sponsorship help for travel expenses and so on.)

Semi-Local Show

Unique Car Show & Expo – 09/21/2008
Pensacola Interstate Fair Grounds
Pensacola FL


San Diego, CA - 09/28/2008 *

San Diego Convention Center

San Diego, CA

Semi-Local Show

NFSCA Super Saturday Car Show – 10-01-2008
University of North Florida  Jacksonville FL.


Dallas, TX - 10/11/2008 *

Dallas Convention Center   -  650 S Griffin Street

Dallas, TX 75202


Chandler, AZ - 10/18/2008 *

Firebird International Raceway  -  20000 S Maricopa Road

Chandler, AZ 85226

Semi-Local Show

Marine Corps League Motor Sports Car Show – 11-01-2008

5 Flags Speedway, Pine Forest Rd - Pensacola


SEMA Car Show – 11/04/2008 – 11/07/2008
Las Vegas Convention Center, Las Vegas, Nevada

Semi-Local Show

Baddest Car in Florida Show – 11-15-2008
Ocala Country Music Jamboree/ FHP Grounds / 11700 SW 16th Ave

Semi-Local Show

NFSCA Super Saturday Car Show – 12-06-2008
University of North Florida  Jacksonville FL.


Miami Beach, FL - 12/20/2008

Miami Beach Convention Center  - 1901 Convention Center Drive

Miami Beach, FL 33139


Classic Car and Truck Show – 01-11-2009
Ed Morse Auto Mall – Sunrise FL


Jacksonville International Car & Truck Show – 02-14-2009
Prime F. Osborn III Convention Center – Jacksonville FL.


** Any weekend we can not make it to a show the car is always at the TOWERS CAR SHOW which is local to our home and runs EVERY Friday night. The show attracts over 2000 people each running and over 500 cars!



(Additional  $30,000.00 going in!)



NITTO TIRES AND ASANTI RIMS – OVER 13 Inches Wide ! – 7 Inch Chrome Lip !


Custom Work being done to date, car has been in the shop for 2 weeks with
approximately 5 weeks remaining to completion.


You can check the website for up to date pictures, the site is updated with Current Work Pictures daily !






Some Custom Work Pictures (BEFORE):

Picture 005.jpg

The New Smoke System Attracts a lot of people!




Current Sponsors:



Nitto Tire USA Inc.

Currently doing all the new custom work on the car.


Has supplied us with 4 NITTO INVO TIRES – 345/25/20 & 245/30/20

(estimated sponsorship - $3,000.00)


Has supplied us with Complete website and continuous maintenance.

(estimated sponsorship - $3,000.00)


Has supplied us with 4  - 3 piece forged Chrome Rims  13 inches wide !!

(estimated sponsorship - $8,000.00)


Has agreed to 50% reduction is the price of the current work being done.
            (estimated sponsorship - $10,000.00)


Has generously provided us with checks/cash and products for over 2 years now!

(estimated sponsorship - $25,000.00)


Custom Work (Already Done)

Modified Erebuni 2001 Odyssey Mini

Van Body Kit

Body Kit Molded onto Original Parts

Removed Door Handles

Electric Door Poppers

Lambo Style 130 Degree Door Hinges

Reverse Hood Kit

Dual Lock Down Key Hood Latches

Tail Lamps Black Out Spray

2001- Final Year Side Mirrors

20" Zenitti Heir Rims

Nitto Low Profile Tires

Custom Wood Work Dash

Modified TV Rearview Mirror

Custom Center Console work

25% Harness Replacement

2 Tone Leather Interior

Custom embroidered Head Rests

Custom Shift Knob

Dual Chrome Fire Extingusers

60 Watt Stobes - All 4 corners of car

Cerwin-Vega Tweeters and Mids

Custom Made Tempered Glass w/Design & Lights

Modified 2007 Mercedes Grille

Custom Dual Exhaust System

Custom Built Hood Scoop

Custom Built Fender Flair's

Air Bag Suspension System

Custom One Touch Convertible Switch

Custom Rear Deck Mercedes Lighting

New Mercedes Wood Stearing Wheel

Door Sill Lights

Hood Lights

Xenon Head Lights

Under Lighting - Neon Blue

String Light Surround On Doors, Seats, Trunk & Rear

Custom Dashboard work

2 Rear Custom Inserted 7" TV's

Sony Playstation 2

7" indash Pioneer Stereo/DVD Player

14" TV in Trunk Lid

4 - Blue Light Fans in trunk

6 AMP Channels over 2 AMP's

NOS Purge Kit with Blue LED Purge in Hood

2 - 5 Fared Caps

10 Gallon Custom Painted Air Tank


Custom Work Being Done Now !

( Cost – Over $30,000.00 )


·                  Make Fiberglass mold for rearview mirror as discussed with removable section and painted to match exterior of car.

·                  Make Fiberglass mold to replace existing arm rest with insert for IPod and paint to match exterior of car and armrest will mold into rear deck with sliders.

·                  Fiberglass mold entire back section where sub base speaker box is, mold in top speakers, TV’s, Mercedes Blue lights and Tweeters.

·                  Remove existing 5 switches from driver side and install all switches into the existing glove box on the top of the dashboard and light up that section.

·                  Re-make both sections of gray rug under dash board where 5 switches are now and mold in the Flame Thrower unit into the fiberglass.

·                  Re-move AirBag switches under passenger side dashboard where gray rug is, install a new (3rd) gage for airtank pressure, mold all 3 gages into new fiberglass.

·                  Finish and paint all fiberglass MOD's to match exterior paint.


·                  Supply & Install 2 new 7 inch TV's with molding in rear trunk lid.

·                  Install and mold in existing 14 inch TV to match new molded TV’s.

·                  Install 1 Inch Plexi-glass rod lighted, to hold open trunk lid with swivel and rest deck.

·                  Install New air compressor and connect to existing air tank ( Joe will supply compressor )

·                  Install Smoke System copper line from engine compartment into trunk section.

·                  Re-Install all existing components again into New Fiberglass molds throughout the entire trunk completely replacing ALL rug.

·                  Re-Install TVs, Blue Fans, Compressors, Air Tanks, NOS bottle, 2 - Fared Caps, 3 Amps (2 showing and 1 hidden)

·                  Mold Joysticks into Fiberglass, Sony and all other parts as discussed.

·                  Rear trunk lid - install existing speakers, 3 TV's and 2 Blue fans as discussed...

·                  Re-Leather existing leather lip of trunk with new leather.

·                  Re-Install existing chrome Fire Extinguisher and section for DVD's and any other sections you think would fit there.. including Flame Thrower stuff.

·                  Create Back-Lit effect on inside trunk lid, and rear bumper and rear outside trunk lid with Mercedes-Benz words as explained by Joe. These should all be fiber Glass molded with no seems and made to look like part of the car and back lit with blue neon.

·                  Install and supply Blue neon lights to match existing where needed and to light everything correctly.


·                  Sand & Block entire car to original primer to remove all existing problems.

·                  Paint entire car, including: under hood, door jambs, trunk jambs, inserts, under rubber moldings, firewall, engine parts, under doors and all places needed as "Show" quality.

·                  Car should be finished with many coats of Clear and "Mother-of-Pearl" blue/purple flake in solid high gloss Black.

·                  Install Molded Mercedes Logo's, “Joseph”, “SL500” and Mercedes Logo and move existing red light in rear spoiler and neatly mold as well.. Match spoiler sides to same.

·                  Supply & Install ZEX metal blue lights by each tail pipe for smoke... connected to existing blue blinker switch and wires.

·                  Supply & Install ZEX metal blue lights to replace existing NOS purge lights in Hood.

·                  Install new rear tail lights and paint with Black Out - ( Joe will supply lights ).

·                  Fiberglass rear bumper with Mercedes lighted blue recessed lighting and logo to be flush mounted.

·                  Re-make Lambo Door Edges and re-shape existing cups AND or Re-install Lambo Hinge completely. ( Lambo Doors MUST work up and down, open more than 110 degree’s and the doors should close with very little effort.. no banging… Doors should not rub on window when open and closing. Also install door poppers (Joe will supply).

·                  Extend front fenders to cover hinges and replace existing plastic molding to create a 1/4 inch seam from fenders to doors. ALL SEAMS should match across entire car.

·                  Replace existing 3 struts with heavy duty or better quality struts to ensure the doors open easy and go up and down easy...and go up higher.

·                  Doors should open to 120 degree's at least.

·                  Doors should be reset to open away from window frame without hitting the leather door on the window frame.

·                  Doors should open to full positions EVEN on both sides when doors are Up!

·                  Existing OLD door hinge holes and entire section showing under the doors when they are up and open should be clean and painted with no holes.

·                  Re-Support front and rear bumpers and rivet accordingly.

·                  Install Door Poppers to help open doors (Joe will supply).

·                  Install Covers or something like that on 4 existing Jack holes.

·                  Clean up and cover up any sections that are needed near tires, wheels, wells and so on.

·                  Make sure all hood, door, lights, grill, fenders LINE UP and all seems are the same size.

·                  Sand out and fill in existing old holes from shrinkage of old putty. Must use Non-Shrink putty for hood.

·                  Install 4 new longer blue lights to replace small blue lights under fender wheel wells ( wired already and Joe will supply lights) Install as described – A Tear Drop Antenna Hole finished and using existing antenna.

·                  Install Circle Push Out Gas tank Lid as described.

·                  Wide Body Fender Kit 2 rear fenders only. (must have scoops, and allow for the car to go to the floor.

·                  Re-build both rear fenders to match and incorporate new 13 inch wide tires and rims (Joe will supply tires and rims).

·                  Cut away about 1 or 2 inches deep in the front bumper to allow the hood to open more without hitting the bumper like it does now.

·                  Supply & install 2 sets of Wings/Fins/ One set on each side of the front bumper.


·                  Paint and Body Putty where needed, cover all hood holes in and out and all edges will be covered and smooth.

·                  Make Fiberglass inserts for top three sections of hood underneath all with lighted Mercedes Logo.

·                  Make mesh cover with Mercedes Logo on entire center cover of hood underneath or something similar.

·                  Install 1 Inch Plexi-glass lighted rod, to hold open hood with swivel and rest deck with light.

·                  Make Plastic covers where possible to cover certain sections in engine compartment that can not be painted so you can paint the plastic black and snap them in and out for shows.

·                  Paint the Electric Blue and Gloss Black on all other engine parts that are currently painted using the blue that is on the NOS bottle (for color) and the Black from exterior of car.


·                  Sides of the car will be done in a "Smoke Like" Airbrush using only Gray, White's and Smoked Blues.

·                  Hood will be Airbrushed using design of Tattoo shown by Joe. Again using only Gray, Whites and Smoked Blues.

·                  The Gambler Theme will consist of: Pool Ball, Dice, Cards and Horse Shoe as designed by Joe.

·                  All Fiberglass in the interior, trunk and under hood will also be Airbrushed with the same "Smoke" look.


·                  Nitto INVO Tires on Asanti AW140 Rims

·                  Front  8.5 x 20 (245/30/20)

·                  Rear  13.5 x 20 (345/25/20)







Now that you’ve reviewed the enclosed information about JOE DALEO'S CUSTOM SL, we would like to tell you about the many different opportunities we would like to offer you and your company:


Should you decide you would like to become involved with JOE DALEO'S CUSTOM SL, we will

advertise your company everywhere that we have presence.


·     On the amazing Custom SL itself, which will be shown each weekend
at the local shows and as many National shows as we can get to

·     On our Custom SL web page.

·     We will refer to our sponsors in all media appearances, such as Web/Radio/Magazine/Newspaper Interviews and Articles.

·      All sponsors will still be listed on the Trailer, both sides in listing format.

(However, depending on sponsorship amount, there will be considerations made
for full, half and ¼ side advertising on the Custom SL Trailer professionally painted
 onto the trailer exterior walls.)

·     We will display your logo on our custom Show Board displayed at
all the car shows we attend

·     On our Team Apparel and our Custom SL Team T-shirts, Hats & Jackets


 In addition to the areas I have mentioned we are always open to hearing and benefiting from

Your suggestions of ways to better serve our advertisers. Should you have any suggestions,

Please feel free to bring them to our attention so we can discuss them.



Thank you again for your time and consideration.

Joseph Daleo





Sponsorship Form


As a representative of______________________________________,  I would like to participate in the support of JOE DALEO’S CUSTOM SL Team.

The following Name and/or logo(s) should appear on designated spaces provided in the Sponsorship Schedule.


We would like to participate as your Primary Sponsor $__________

We would like to participate as your Associate Sponsor $___________

We would like to participate as a Product Sponsor:

Product to be supplied:  ______________________________________

Quantity to be supplied: _______________

Product to be supplied:  ______________________________________

Quantity to be supplied: _______________

Product to be supplied:  ______________________________________

Quantity to be supplied: _______________

Authorized Signature:                                       Date:

_____________________________         _________



Thank You!


Joseph Daleo