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PRESS - 03-15-2009

Daleo Concepts is taking information from certain companies to have their products sold, distributed and installed through us, If you would like your product to be a part of our movement (Show Car, Shop and more) then please contact Joe directly at 954-205-3067

We are interested in all performance products, sponsorship offers and more.

Our Brand will become a major force in the car show industry, become a part of that now!

PRESS - 02-25-2009

The New Daleo Concepts Custom Car Shop is OPEN FOR BUSINESS!, We are going to have a Car Show to kick off our official Grand Opening sometime in May or June and we will post that information here.

At Daleo Concepts we will take Custom Car MOD's to the next level and always complete each and every job as promised!

We take much pride in our workmanship and it shows in the finishing details!

PRESS - 01-20-2009

We are no longer affiliated with Mad Creations Miami they were not able to produce many of the promises made to us and we had to move on.

To find out more about the break up of the deal between us and them, you can contact us at our shop (To Be Announced)

PRESS - 12-21-2008

We won Best Of Show and First Place Mercedes at CarShowKings - Miami Raceway Show !

We rolled in at Miami Raceway, did a lap around the track and then sat back to took home the trophies !

On a personal note, dealing with Gilbert from CarShowKing.com has been a pleasure!

PRESS - 08-18-2008

The car has been picked up by the famous House Of Kolor!

Yes House Of Kolor has come on board as one of our sponsors, Please check out their site by clicking on their sponsor banner on the right.

On a personal note, dealing with HOK has been nothing but a PLEASURE, these guys really worked with us on getting it together !! Thanks NIck Dahl!!


PRESS - 08-08-2008

So as we mentioned in the Latest News Mini section, Yes... we are in the middle of making a deal with the very famous RIDES Magazine. They have asked us in an email for an "exclusive" on the car.

All we have to do now is work out the details with the Senoir Editor (Willie G.) and we are in! So check back here soon and we should have the answers ready to print... (no pun intended)


PRESS - 06-28-2008

The deal with MAD CREATIONS OF MIAMI is underway!

Everything has been worked out and put down on paper, They start working on the car Monday. They have set a goal of September 15th for their completion date.

Lets hope they make it so we can get the car back on tour.